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Clinical and Research Information on Drug-Induced Liver Injury

Reference Cases

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Case NumberDrug/AgentTypePatient (Click to Open)RUCAMSeverityDilin # Available
2terbinafineDrug41 year old woman +7 (Probable)5+: Fatal
21185terbinafineDrug50 year old woman +8 (Probable)2+: Moderate
21232terbinafineDrug48 year old man +8 (Probable)2+: Moderate
21275terbinafineDrug44 year old man +8 (Probable)2+: Moderate
21315terbinafineDrug59 year old woman +8 (Probable)2+: Moderate
21350terbinafineDrug40 year old man +6 (Probable)2+: Moderate
21376terbinafineDrug75 year old man +7 (Probable)2+: Moderate
21392terbinafineDrug62 year old woman +7 (Probable)2+: Moderate
21437terbinafineDrug57 year old woman +10 (Highly Probable)2+: Moderate
21494terbinafineDrug61 year old woman +9 (Highly Probable)3+: Moderately Severe
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